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Colour Cascade’s Newest product

New Product

I have a new product that I would like to introduce to you. It is the Colour Cascade Tote/Stash Bag!

You can use these for travelling or even just storing separate WIPs in while you are working on other projects.

The bags are made from calico so are 100% washable, but they are black so you shouldnt have to worry about that unless you spill something on them!

They are a large bag that would fit several items in it with no troubles at all (think kids library bag size!)

stash bag2

stash bag1

The fabric shows how much room you will have in the bag, that piece of fabric is a 26 x 36 piece of 14ct Aida.

Sale Order Update


For those of you who are not in the Facebook Group you will be aware I have had some issues with a supplier in regards to a lost parcel. This parcel contained QSnaps, and 28ct and 32ct Lugana, and 20ct Aida! They sent my parcel on the 7th Jan, but from scans its never left the US and has disappeared. The supplier has sent the order again, but it does mean a huge delay in these products, as it takes at least 10 days for me to get them from the US.

So to those who are waiting on orders this is the reason why! As soon as I receive this order I will get your fabrics in to production.


This weeks chat

I just wanted to remind you that if there is something you need that is not on the website, please dont hesitate to contact me to see if I can get it. With the vast array of cross stitch products out there it is really hard for me to choose what to stock. It makes it much easier if you request what you want, sometimes there is so much interest in some products that I will make them a regular product and stock them at all times. Is there anything you would like to see on Colour Cascades website? Let me know!



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