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Before you send us a message have you tried logging into your account? Did you know that as your order is processing it will show which stage your order is up to, for example: Cutting, Surging, washing ect. If your order is not showing in your account, it probably means you checked out as a guest or never created an account. If you would like to see your order in the My Account section, please create an account on the website, then send me a message and let me know the order number/s so I can add them to your account. If you already have an account, just send me a message with the order number and I can add it to your account.

Only website orders can be shown in your account, if you ordered something via Facebook/email, and was sent an invoice via Paypal, I cannot add those orders to the back end of the website.

Also, check the Weekly Fabric Update page for information on which fabrics are in and out of stock and the wait times associated with each fabric (if applicable). This page is regularly updated so the information is current.

Normal dyeing times are around 3-4 weeks as we get a large number of orders that take time to process.

If you ordered an item that was showing “available on backorder” please note that this means the item was out of stock at the time of your order, please allow sufficient time for us to get the products into stock. This can take up to a few weeks if items are being ordered from overseas suppliers.



    If for some reason the website is down, or you cannot use this form, the email address is ccfsales @ bigpond dot com

    (Due to spammers please manually type the email in correctly into your email using .com instead of dot com) WE ARE ON WESTERN AUSTRALIAN TIME, SO DURING DAYLIGHT SAVINGS HOURS WE ARE 3 HOURS BEHIND MOST OF THE EAST COAST. 


    Mobile: 0402 911 715

    Alternate email: ccfsales @ bigpond dot com or colourcascadefabrics @ gmail dot com

    (Due to spammers please manually type the email in correctly into your email using .com instead of dot com)

    Or you can join the Facebook group:

    Any enquiries in regards to Afterpay transactions their details are:

    Phone: 1300 100 729


    If you are wanting information about a wholesale account, please use this form: Form Wholesale Form