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  1. I love Tammies fabric, Ive been admiring them since the beginning of the year and started ordering shortly after now Ive got a nice start on collecting. Colours are always spot on or better than the pictures and I love the touches like the edging is done which saves my mum time lol. The postal to the UK in my opinion is cheap considering its coming from Australia to UK and its really quick, I generally get the fabric 10 to 14 days after paying. Tammy is also very accommodating if you know a charts available within a design and will get it for you. My only wish for extra is to add a Wish List button.

  2. Tammy truly has a gift when it comes to dying fabric & coming up with the most gorgeous colour combinations. She is also the most accommodating vendor that I have ever dealt with……always willing to help you out with custom dyes or overlays of charts onto fabric so you always know that you are getting the perfect colour combination for your stitchy treasures. If you think you love the colours in the pics on the site, you will be blown away once they arrive……the colours are way more fabulous & vibrant in person!
    If there is anything that you are looking for that she doesn’t have on the site, just ask……if she can get it for you, she will!
    I live in Canada & once it leaves Tammy, the wait is usually about 2 weeks & torturous, but it is definitely worth it!
    The only thing that you will ever be sorry about is the dent she will put in your bank account since her fabrics are that addictive hahaha

  3. I have many Colour Cascade fabrics and each one is beautiful and a joy to stitch on. If Tammy doesn’t have what you want she will work with you to create the piece you are after.

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