Q: How long does it usually take to get my order?

A: If your order contain’s hand dyed fabrics, I aim to have them  in the post within 4-6 weeks (this is due to fabric shortages and lengths of time suppliers are taking to send out our stock orders) of receiving the order. Please have a look at the “Weekly Fabric Update” Page (located in the top menu) for information on the current status of fabric stocks. Sometimes the suppliers run out of the fabrics, if this is the case I will usually let you know if I am not going to be getting the fabric as we are never given estimate times until they are back in stock. If your order is general stitching supplies like charts, QSnaps, threads, your order will be in the post the next available working day, however as I work alone, if I am in the middle of a dyeing session, I may not get to the packing for a couple of days. We do not post every day, generally only 2 to 3 times per week. Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for your orders to be posted for hand dyed fabrics,  As with any hand made product, I would rather send out the perfect piece, rather than rush a not so good piece. Please allow up to 48 hours after receiving tracking number for items to be posted, sometimes it takes 2 days to pack all orders and get them out the door. I send tracking numbers as they are packed, not when they have been posted.

**Please note: My general timeframe at the moment is at around 4 weeks, this is due to Colour Cascade Fabrics becoming quite busy. I still aim to get your orders out within the 3-4 week time frame, but please allow extra time on the off chance I have run out of your fabric.

During Sale’s, the wait time could be up to 12-16 weeks, the waiting time is usually based on me waiting for the postal system to deliver me fabrics from overseas, as well as long dyeing times due to the sheer quantity of fabrics ordered during these times. I really appreciate everyone’s patience during these times.

Shipments going to counties outside of AUSTRALIA Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for delivery. We are not responsible for International (outside of Australia) orders lost, damaged, or stolen in transit. Please contact the carrier used to file a claim (If you paid for Registered post you will have a tracking number)
*You are responsible for any taxes and duties associated with your order once it reaches its destination as each country has their own rules on Customs fees and taxes.

Q. What is the approximate delivery times, and do you send all over the world?

A: Most deliveries within Australia are within 7 days once your order is ready to be sent. If you order more than 3 pieces of fabric it will go as a parcel and could take longer. To the US and UK it is usually around 10-14 working days, but could take longer during peak periods such as Christmas. Canada is currently taking around 3 weeks to arrive.

Q: The Fabric I like to use isn’t listed, Can I ask you to supply it?

A: Yes!! Of course, I am always open to new fabrics. Just note that it may take 2-3 weeks before I will have it in stock.

Q: Are Hand Dyed Fabrics Colourfast?

A: Generally the answer is yes, but due to these fabrics having cotton threads placed in to them, the chances are that some dye run off may run through your threads and discolour them. Please do not wash your fabrics when you have finished stitching. The manufacturer of the dyes does not guarantee colourfastness so there is no way that I can. Even though the fabrics are washed through the process before it gets to you, it still will run quite a bit if you wash it, therefore ruining the threads you have put into your work by changing their colour. Please avoid washing your finished projects. Use Grime guards on QSnaps and frames to eliminate dirty spots or the need for washing. If you feel you need to wash the fabric, please do so prior to stitching rather than after.

Q: I would like to see more feedback about your fabrics before I decide to buy

A: If you are on Facebook join the Colour Cascade Fabrics Group to see what people are saying!

Q: I would like to buy a Gift for a friend, do you have Gift Certificates and how do they work?

A: Gift Certificates are available in the shop.

Q: I can’t log in to the website, or go through checkout.

A: Please send me an email ccfsales @ bigpond dot com (Due to spammers please manually type the email in correctly into your email using .com instead of dot com) letting me know what the issue is so I can work on fixing it. You can also let me know what you would like to order through that email address as well, I can send an invoice instead during technical issues.

Q: Is the Website secure?

A: Yes, the website is protected by SSL security. As the only payment option is via Paypal or Afterpay.  this website does not store any of your credit card or banking information.