Returns/Refund Policy

Hand Dyed fabric is a one of a kind piece. I use the same colour dyes to create a single colour or a combination of colours. No one fabric will be exactly the same as the next, the mottling/dye placement will be different from piece to piece. I write down a recipe and use the same formula’s on all my fabrics. I try to get accurate pictures so that you know what you’re getting when a piece is ordered, although this is the hardest part of the process, as everyone’s computer/ipad/phone screens pick up the colours differently. All Hand Dyed fabrics are not colourfast, we cannot guarantee colourfastness so please do not wash your fabrics when finished stitching as the dye is likely to run right through your threads and discolour them.

Also, certain fabrics take dye differently than others, (see photo below). This is a picture of different types of fabrics, the same size, using the exact same amount of the same colour dye. You can see that your fabric choice will determine how dark of light the fabric will be.


colour difference pic


I will replace a piece of fabric or offer Store Credit if the following applies (Will only apply to orders that were sent in the last 30 days) –

(To obtain Store Credit, please email ccfsales @ bigpond dot com)

(Due to spammers please manually type the email in correctly into your email using .com instead of dot com)
  1.       The colouring is completely different to the photo/product ordered. (ie: if the photo is of a blue fabric and you receive a pink fabric).
  2.       There is discoloration  (I won’t send it if I’m not happy with the piece).
  3.       I made a mistake and sent you the wrong size, colour or fabric or any other mistake on my part. (Please allow half an inch as the fabrics do go through a rigorous washing that may shrink the fabrics, if you are concerned about size, you can contact me to order a custom size so we can make sure it doesn’t lose any in shrinkage)

(All fabrics must be returned {I will pay postage on returns for my mistakes} before store credit will be applied)

Refund Requests due to time to process orders: Refund requests will not be accepted if there is a notice on the website at the time of order (top of menu, hand dyed fabric page) saying there are delays on that type of fabric due to supplier/stock issues OR Sales. You tick a box at checkout agreeing to these time frames. Please do not continue with the order if these time frames do not suit you. These are hand made products which take time, they are not mass produced and shipped in from somewhere else that just need cutting and packing. I cannot stress this enough. Most times the regular turn around time is 4 weeks as we are so busy. Please to do not proceed with the order if you are going to request a refund after waiting only 3-4 weeks, these time frames are completely normal. There is 1 person who hand dyes all pieces and sometimes things go wrong which will cause a delay in the order. If you want a piece asap check the Dyed and Ready to Send section or head out to Spotlight for instant (not so nice) gratification.

General Merchandise:  Store Credit will not be given if you change your mind on general products (Charts, threads etc). No cash refunds. If your order is a Layby and you cancel, you will not receive store credit or cash refund. You will receive the items that you have paid up to the value of plus postage. The only reason Store Credit will be given for General Merchandise is if it arrives broken and unusable. You will need to return the item back to me and once it is received I will issue the Store Credit.

I will not give Store Credit for these reasons:-

  1. You decide that the colour you ordered is not going to suit your project.
  2. You decide that you don’t like the count you ordered. (I strongly advise that you purchase a Sample Pack of the the different counts if you are thinking of stitching on something you are not familiar with)
  3. You wash your finished piece and the dye runs through your threads. Hand Dyed fabrics cannot be guaranteed to be colourfast, so if you wash your piece of stitching, do so at your own risk.
  4. You changed your mind and don’t want it now.

I will not  give cash refunds, store credit is good for 90 days from issue date.


If you would like to exchange a piece of fabric, please let me know. I am happy to do an exchange so you are happy with what you are stitching on. The Fabric must be returned to me before the new piece is sent out, If the cost of the fabric you are exchanging is lower than the fabric you would prefer, the difference in the cost will be forfeited. (although you may use the difference to put towards something else if you wish) If the cost of the fabric is more than the one you are exchanging you will be invoiced for the difference. {Customer to pay postage for exchanges}

Updated (20/5/2022) ALL envelopes/parcels are sent with tracking numbers through Australia Post. If in the event a parcel goes missing, please do not hesitate to contact us, as we can put in a claim with Aus Post and replace the order. (Monthly Mystery Fabrics are not sent using tracking after the initial website purchase, if you want to add tracking please let us know so we can adjust your monthly invoice to include tracked postage)

MYSTERY BOXES are not refundable or exchangeable.

Orders that are paid for using the AfterPay option:

Afterpay will only process refunds following the instruction by a Merchant though the issue of a refund request via the Merchant Portal
 Afterpay will determine how to apply the refund to the customer’s order and adjust the customers’ payment schedule accordingly to reflect the refund issued
 Afterpay will process amounts back to the customer’s card in the instances where the customer has made payments to Afterpay already.
 An email will be sent from Afterpay to the customer to confirm the refund has been processed and communicate the changes to the customer’s payment schedule.
 Any refunds will be accounted for in the next settlement date. Refund amounts will be clearly identified as such in the detailed settlement information.
 Once a refund has been issued, Afterpay is not able to reverse or change this action

All Refunds are processed through Afterpay, no cash refunds will be given, the refund will go back through the card that was used in your Afterpay account.

Partial Refunds

Any refund other than the full order amount is considered a partial refund.
 Afterpay will automatically update the customer’s payment schedule by reducing the instalments or processing a refund back to customer’s card where required.
 The refund is applied to the 4th instalment first, then the 3rd instalment and so on.
Example: If the order value is $100 and the customer has paid 1 instalment of $25 then in case of a partial refund ($60 for this example) Afterpay will cancel the customer’s 4th and 3rd instalments of $25, and reduce the 2nd instalment to $15.

Full Refunds

Any refund which is of full order amount is considered as a full refund.
 Afterpay will automatically cancel the customer’s payment schedule so that the customer is no longer charged for the order.
 If the customer has made any payments Afterpay will process a refund back to their card.
For example: If the order value is $100 and the customer has paid 2 installments of $25 then in case of a full refund Afterpay would cancel the installment 3rd and 4th and process $50 refund (i.e. $25 X 2 instalments) back to customer’s card.

If you have any further enquiries in regards to anything about Afterpay, you can contact customer service at Afterpay here:

Phone: 1300 100 729

If you have any questions please Email me at ccfsales @ bigpond dot com

(Due to spammers please manually type the email in correctly into your email using .com instead of dot com)