LayBy ~ LayAway Information


What is a Layby? A layby sale is one where you pay by installments and the goods are held by the retailer until you pay off the balance. You’ll usually pay a deposit: $10 to $20 (dependant on the total price of order) Please read below for the terms and conditions of placing a Layby Order.

To place a Layby, the easiest way to do it is to add what you would like to the cart, and when you get to check out, instead of hitting the Pay with Paypal button, hit “Invoice by Colour Cascade Button”. If you require custom size cuts of fabrics, you can add them in the comments/notes section of checkout, Please put the word Layby in the comments section so I know that you want the order to be a layby, as some people prefer to use the Invoice by Colour Cascade button when Paypal is playing up. If possible, please also let me know how much you want to pay each week/fortnight. (eg: $20 weekly) Laybys are only available on order $65 and over.


Once you have filled your Cart, proceed through to Checkout. Use the Invoice from Colour Cascade fabrics button to send Layby order


Add the word Layby or the Custom size fabrics you would like to the Order in the Notes section (highlighted in yellow) which is on the Checkout page

You can use the LayBy facility to make purchases of any products on this website. The conditions are as follows:

1. A minimum of $10 (orders under $100) or $20 (orders over $100) deposit is required. You will be invoiced via Paypal and will then be able to make part payments from that one invoice until the full amount is paid. The deposit is non-refundable should you change your mind later.


Example of invoice you will receive, note the option to make part payments at the top, you can choose the amount you want to pay

2. Payments are to be made weekly or fortnightly, 1 reminder will be sent if overdue. If it continues to stay overdue, all money paid will be forfeited and the layby cancelled. (See pt 8.)  If you are having difficulties paying please just contact me. If no contact has been made I will cancel the layby.

3. You will have a maximum of 16 weeks to complete the layby. If you are having difficulties please contact me to make arrangements. If no contact has been attempted I will cancel the Layby and the cancellation policies (see pt. 8) will be applied.

4. LayBys are accepted during sales and promotions.

5. Laybys are available on all products including Kits, and Fabric Packs.

6. Orders have to be over $65 to qualify for Layby.

7. Initial Layby order is final. You will not be able to add to the Layby once it has been processed. You will need to start a new Layby if you wish to order other products. You are welcome to have more than 1 layby at a time if you wish.

8. Cancellations: If you decide to cancel the layby, or the Layby was cancelled due to Non – payment, the deposit is non-refundable. (See pt. 1) You will not receive any further payment’s you have made back in cash, but you will receive the fabric/stock that was part of your order up to the amount that you have paid off (postage will be taken from that amount). The Layby orders are processed (stock put away and fabrics ordered etc) as soon as the order is made, this is why cancellations will not receive cash refunds. Credit can not be transferred to another order, or to products that were not part of the Layby. Cancellation fees will be used to make up the amount that has been paid + product price for Paypal cancellation purposes, as we cannot cancel invoices that have had part payments made on them.

9. It is your responsibility to pay installments on the invoice when the agreed time was arranged (weekly/fortnightly)

10. Postage will be part of the initial price. Postage price MAY change if you have ordered a large amount of fabric that may require additional postage to be added before it is sent.

11. Laybys that are granted extensions will be cancelled if the extension time has not been met. You will forfeit your deposit and any payments made will not be refunded in cash, but products (including postage cost) on the layby will be sent ONLY up to the amount of payments made. If payments made do not cover anything on the layby that has been ordered (including postage) payments will also be forfeited. Cancellation fees will be used to make up the amount that has been paid + product price for Paypal cancellation purposes, as we cannot cancel invoices that have had part payments made on them.

12. It is your responsibility to tell me if you move and your address changes. I always use the address that is on the initial order not the final payment. I will not be held responsible for the orders going to the address that you have entered and that information being incorrect.

If there is anything you need to know, that I have not covered, please let me know!

For Australian Customers, Afterpay is now available!