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Live Video Streams

Hi everyone!

Just a short note to let those of you know that Colour Cascade Fabrics now has a YouTube channel!

Every Sunday I do a Live Video Feed in the Facebook Group (link here which is then uploaded to the YouTube Channel. Not every video from the Group will be uploaded to YouTube as we want to keep it kind of exclusive to the group as well.

The videos are a fun interaction between myself and my customers and because it is live, I can answer your questions as you type them right there in real time.

The videos so far have been fun and informative, and I have really enjoyed doing them and the interaction with the Facebook Group.

You can find the YouTube Channel here


I hope you can join us in the group soon, or I hope if you watch the videos that you get something out of it! If you have any questions you would like answered during the videos, just join the group or send an email and I will answer in one of the next video feeds.


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