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New Issue of the New Age EZine

Hi Everyone! The Autumn 2014 Edition of the New Age Ezine is now available on the site. Featuring designs from all of your favourite designers such as Tilton Crafts, Colour Cascade Designs, Heaven and Earth Designs, Love Thy Thread and Pain Free Crafts. Not only do you receive 5 small designs to complete until the next edition comes out, but you get discount codes to use on the designers website exclusive only to readers of the Ezine!


ezine 3

The link to the Ezine is here:

There are 2 other editions still on site if you missed the previous issues.

While I have your attention, I may as well also update you on some other products that are now available on the Colour Cascade Website. There are many new designs and Fabric colours. If  you are not in the Facebook group you may have missed some of them, so here is a quick run down.

Recently released Colour Cascade Fabrics


Candy This is the New Look Candy, I have updated the dye I use for this colour!

Rapture This is Rapture, Rapture is also part of the new Gem’s collection!

pic1 002 This is the Gem’s Collection, It contains 3 fabrics ~ Rapture, Devil With A Blue Dress and Emerald City!

Colour Cascade Designs


watermarked the sense of life The Sense of Life (Dziu)

watermarked vintage snow white Vintage Snow White (Iris Kuima)

watermarked C large watermarked b large watermarked a large The Alphabet Series by Jenny Wood

watermarked stranded Stranded (Sharon Hindle)

Watermarked Alice Alice (Sharon Hindle)

watermarked the watcherThe Watcher (Taryn Knight)

watermarked Iguana Iguana (Jenny Wood)

watermarked Tardis Tardis (Taryn Knight)


There is also a new option to purchase fabrics, charts and anything else that is on the site by Laybuy! You can find the details here:


Did you also notice the Wish List function! Under every product is a Add to wishlist button. You will also notice in the top menu there is a Wishlist Search page. Alls you need to have to find someone’s wish list (if you would like to send them a gift) is their user name or email address. Its that simple!

So if your friends and family never know what to buy you for your birthday or Christmas, give them a link to the Website Search page and slip them your email or user name and they can find what you really want here!


I think that is all the updating I have at the moment! Till next time!



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