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Points and Reward System



I have decided to implement an awards system on the website, so you can collect points to shop with!

So here is the deal:

For every $5 spent on the website you will earn 1 point

Every 10 points equals $1.00

You need a minimum of 100 points to redeem on a cart purchase (100 points = $10)

You can use a maximum of 1000 to redeem on a cart purchase (1000 points = $100)

Your points will expire in 2 years if not used (You will receive a reminder email 7 days prior to points expiring)

You can collect bonus points along the way, every 100 points earned you will receive and extra 10 points, or you can earn 20 Bonus points after every 5th order you make. For those who are not registered on the website, you can earn 30 points just for registering! There will be more Bonus opportunities added at a later date.

The Points system starts now. It is active on the website. You will find your points in the “My account” section of the website. You will have to remember to log into your account when making an order so you dont miss out on the points.

You do not have to do anything, your points will add up in your account. When you have met the minimum you will be offered to redeem them at checkout.