Dyeing Times

ORDERS DYEING TIMES FROM THE SALE (JAN/FEB) ARE AROUND 8-12 WEEKS AS STATED AT TIME OF ORDERING!!! All orders that came in after the sale unfortunately will be delayed too as every order is processed by date (with each fabric type) Dyeing times will be longer than usual due to the recent sale for all fabric orders (Hand Dyed and Plain) This is our biggest Annual sale so please be patient as it can take quite some time to fulfill ALL orders, (The Manufacturer of the 28ct Monaco fabric has discontinued its production so is no longer available and has been removed from the website) we are working on getting orders that came in during the sale out as quickly as possible, so don’t panic too much if you haven’t got your completed order notification yet, if you are worried please do not hesitate to contact us so we can tell you where your order is at. Thanks for your patience. Have you seen that we now notify you when the fabrics are being Cut, Surged, Dyed, Washed etc? If you log into your account, and check the “orders” tab you will be able to see what process your fabric is currently going through! If you went through checkout as a guest (not signed into your account or do not have an account) send me a message to add it to your account (please create one if you haven’t already) ***** Due to the popularity of the 14ct Opal Aida, 28ct Lugana, 28ct Opal Lugana, 32ct Lugana, 16ct Aida, 18ct Opal Aida, 32ct Opal Lugana the normal processing times for these fabrics could be more like 4-6 weeks ~ this is now the new normal (NOT SALE) times for these fabrics.**** LAYBYS are not processed until the final payment has been made, they are not processed from date of original order.

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