Due to the last few sales taking way longer than we expected, we have had to come up with a better way of having the annual Fabric sale. I think this way will work nicely, it means that you will still get your discount, but you won’t pay for it until I have contacted you with a unique code (that is just for your email address). You will then be able to go through and put your order in using the code at the sale prices.

Why this way? Doing the sales the normal way was taking way too long to get fabrics out due to a wide range of reasons. From having no idea how much each person was going to order of certain fabric types, to having no idea when Suppliers would run out of stock, which in itself can take months for fabrics to come back into stock.

This way, I will only be doing so many orders in a “lot”, I will not contact the next “lot” of people until the fabric is re-stocked and I have finished the previous load. That way you still get the sale, but won’t be paying for it months in advance, you will be paying when it is your turn in the line so to speak. There is however the option to pay as soon as you order if you are not worried about how long it takes.

If you want to place the order as a Layby, this is still possible. All Laybys will be set up immediately, but your order will not be processed until the final payment has been made. Your order will be put in to the “lot” that is being processed closest to your final payment date.

If you want to use Afterpay, you will still be able to do that, you will just have to wait for me to contact you with your unique code to get the sale prices.

To get access to the sale and your unique code, you will have to fill in the form below. Please understand that it may take a few months for you to get the code, depending where you are in the queue. Please also check the Weekly Fabric Update Page at time of order, so you know if the fabric is in stock at the time of order.