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1st Official Blog Post

Hi everyone,


Ive decided that I will start to use this blog as a platform to chat as well as just use it for Important updates.

So this will be my first official blog. I will mainly be talking about what is happening with Colour Cascade Fabrics as well as my own general stitching. You will be able to share your thoughts on any topic that I happen to post about.

For this first post I am going to talk about the direction I want to take Colour Cascade Fabrics in 2016. If you are in the Facebook group you would know that I have started a monthly post for people to let me know products that they would like to see, or want to order from Colour Cascade Fabrics. So far the response has been great and has grown the number of other Cross Stitch Designs that are available from Colour Cascade Fabrics. Some new designs that will be coming soon are Lizzie Kate, Sue Hillis and La D Da. If there are designs you would like and I do not currently stock them, just send me a message and I will see if I can get them in for you! Its as easy as that.

Another product that will be coming soon are Thread Packs for all of the Colour Cascade Designs. There will be a separate product page for these where you will be able to order the thread pack based on the count of fabric you like to stitch on as I do not believe in a one size fits all approach to anything cross stitch. This will of course take some time as there are over 100 designs in the Colour Cascade range now, and with all the different counts available the list will be huge!

Many customers will know that in the Facebook group I offer a Monthly Melody every second month. This offer is a Ltd Ed fabric that is only available that month. It may or may not become a regular fabric so if you really like it you need to get it when it is available. These fabrics will not be available on the website, so if this sounds like something you might like you will need to join the Facebook group, you can do so here: Facebook Group

A New Monthly Mystery (Not to be confused with the Monthly Melody) is now on offer. This is a different deal than the Monthly Melody. With the Monthly Mystery you will be invoiced at the beginning of each month for the fabric and size you sign up for. The fabric colour will not be the same as the Monthly Melody, it could be a regular fabric or something completely new and different! This is more like a traditional FOM (Fabric of the Month Club). I will be adding this as a product to the website, once you purchase it via the website you will continue to be invoiced each month.

As some of you already know there is a super secret new product that will be available soon, I am excited about this one as I think it is something everyone will love. I will write a new blog post as soon as its available!

I will leave you with the latest project I am stitching on at the moment. It is Rush. Rush is a Colour Cascade Design (artist: Iris Kuima) which I have chosen to stitch on 25ct Magic Guide as it is a fully stitched chart. Currently there is a SAL (Stitch-A-long) happening on Facebook with this chart (some have chosen the smaller version Rush ~ Accent) if you are interested in stitching this with some like minded people.


Rush ~ Accent
Rush ~ Accent


If there is anything you would like to chat/ask/discover about Colour Cascade Fabrics please comment below! I would love to hear your thoughts