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Website issues

Hi everyone, I just wanted to make you aware with some website issues we have been having recently. The website was moved to another server to improve the speed and performance of the site. But in doing this, the web address is now showing in some peoples browsers as “Account Suspended”. This is due to your modems/cookie/cache sending you to the old server. To rectify the issue, you just need to clear your cookies/cache in your web browser, and restart your modems which usually knocks the old addresses out of the memory and starts afresh. There is no problems with the website and the website is not suspended, but if you get a screen like the one shown below, follow the above steps and you should get the website again. If you are unsure how to clear you cache or history, just google how to do it with whatever browser you are using. It is quite easy and useful to know.


Screenshot 2014-10-13 09.54.40


If you are still having trouble with the website after following these steps and want to place an order, please email

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