I will update this page each Friday, This will let you know which fabrics are in stock/out of stock, and which fabrics have a long wait on them.
Please note that the time waiting periods listed are an estimate guide only, not a strict timeline.

Due To Corona Virus, We are finding that our supplies are coming in much slower than normal, fabric stocks are running low, and our suppliers are doing the best they can to keep up, but will send what they have until they can restock from overseas when things go back to normal.

From the 29th May:

In Stock fabrics: Normal 3-4 weeks dyeing times:

14ct Easy Count Aida (No dyeing required)
20ct Aida
20ct Easy Count Aida (No dyeing required)
20ct Lugana (Bellana evenweave)
20ct Opal Lugana
25ct Easy Count/Magic Guide
25ct Opal Lugana (evenweave)
28ct Gold Opal Lugana
32ct Belfast Opal Linen
36ct Edinburgh Linen
40ct Opal Newcastle Linen


Fabrics in Stock, but being cut now and could be out of stock after this dyeing session (I will amend this when the dyeing has been completed)

dyeing Session in progress, next cutting session will be approx 7-10 days

Fabrics in stock waiting to be cut (as well as above fabrics that are already fully in stock)

14ct Aida
22ct Hardanger
28ct Lugana
28ct Opal Lugana
28ct Cashel Linen
32ct Belfast Linen
32ct Lugana


Awaiting Delivery of these fabrics: (Sorry for the delay, the Corona Virus is causing delays in deliveries of fabrics, it is taking a little longer than usual for supplies to arrive)

16ct Opal Aida
32ct Opal Lugana
18ct Easy Guide


Fabrics that are out of stock, but not expecting a long wait time once they are here: (I expect these will return to the In Stock fabrics list very soon)

14ct Opal Aida
16ct Aida
18ct Opal Aida
25ct Lugana
28ct Easy Count
28ct Opal Cashel
32ct Jobelan
32ct Opal Lugana
40ct Newcastle Linen


Fabrics that I am waiting on stock to arrive and have a longer than usual wait due to stock availability and the amount of orders that are waiting for these fabrics. You can still order these fabrics if you are happy to wait for your order to go through the waiting period, which could be anywhere from 4 -16 weeks at the moment (this time will be amended each week as the fabrics are cut and orders are processed).

18ct Aida (4-6 weeks)
28ct Opal Lugana (approx 4-6 weeks)
28ct Lugana (approx 4-6 weeks)
32ct Belfast Linen (approx 4-6 weeks)

Does your fabric of choice have quite a long wait and you are in a hurry? Check out these Zwigart pre-dyed and cut fabrics, maybe something in here is more suitable and you won’t have to wait! The Pre-cut range comes in 19 x 27″ (evenweave and linen) 19 x 21″ (aida). Please note that these fabrics are not in stock, and are backorder items, but the turnaround is usually around 2 weeks.


As we are not associated with Designers SALs, we do not keep our dyeing times to their start dates. If you are ordering fabric for a SAL We recommend you order the fabric at least 3 months in advance. We can not guarantee we will have your fabric done by the SAL start dates as we are not in any way associated with their SAL sales. We do not take responsibility for having fabrics out for the beginning of Stitch A Long start dates. If you check this page and the fabric you would like is out of stock or has a longer than usual wait period, there will be delays in getting the fabrics out.

POSTAGE: **Due to Social Isolation in place in our State, We will only be posting once per week until the Isolation is lifted, more details can be found in the pop up on the home and shop pages** Colour Cascade Fabrics only posts twice a week (days vary). All tracking numbers sent are at time of packing, not at time of posting, please allow up to 48hrs for tracking numbers to register with Australia Post. Australia Post does not deliver on weekends and public holidays (except around Christmas time). Part Orders will no longer be sent separately, the whole order will be sent when the fabrics are dyed and ready to go, or any backorder items come into stock. If I send part of your order out separately it is at my own discretion.