I will update this page each Friday, This will let you know which fabrics are in stock/out of stock, and which fabrics have a long wait on them.

From the 16th August:

In Stock fabrics: Normal 2-3 weeks dyeing times:

20ct Aida
20ct Lugana (Bellana evenweave)
20ct Opal Lugana (Bellana evenweave)
25ct Lugana
25ct Opal Lugana (evenweave)
25ct Easy Count/Guide
28ct Cashel Linen
28ct Opal Cashel Linen
28ct Easy Count/Guide
32ct Lugana (Murano)
32ct Opal Belfast Linen
32ct Jobelan
36ct Edinburgh Linen
40ct Newcastle Linen


Fabrics in Stock, but being cut now and could be out of stock after this cutting session (I will amend this when the cutting has been completed)

28ct Gold Lugana


Awaiting Delivery of these fabrics:

22ct Hardanger


Fabrics that are out of stock, but not expecting a long wait time once they are here: (I expect these will return to the In Stock fabrics list very soon)

14ct Aida
18ct Aida
22ct Hardanger
32ct Opal Lugana
32ct Belfast Linen
40ct Opal Newcastle


Fabrics that I am waiting on stock to arrive and have a longer than usual wait due to stock availability and the amount of orders that are waiting for these fabrics. You can still order these fabrics if you are happy to wait for your order to go through the waiting period, which could be anywhere from 4 -16 weeks at the moment (this time will be amended each week as the fabrics are cut and orders are processed).

14ct Opal Aida (approx 8-12 weeks)
18ct Opal Aida (approx 12-16 weeks)
28ct Opal Lugana (Brittney Evenweave) (approx 12-16 weeks)
28ct Lugana (approx 10-12 weeks)
16ct Aida (approx 6-8 weeks)

Does your fabric of choice have quite a long wait and you are in a hurry? Check out these Zwigart pre-dyed and cut fabrics, maybe something in here is more suitable and you won’t have to wait! The Pre-cut range comes in 19 x 27″ (evenweave and linen) 19 x 21″ (aida).


If you need a larger size, check out this page, it is still the same quality Zweigart fabrics, but comes on a bolt so I can cut to size, anything cut from the bolt will also come surged around the edges for your convenience. (At time of posting this I haven’t got to adding any products to this category yet, so please keep checking, they will be added over the next couple of days)