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Welcome To The New Site

Wow, we are finally here!! The new site is up and running, tried and tested.

I am going to use this blog as the new Newsletter, so effectively, everything will now be in one place. So any special offers and Sales notices will happen right here!

Just to start things rolling, I am going to offer a “RE-OPENING SALE” of 15% off your purchase at checkout. To get the discount, type in SLASHED in the coupon area of the checkout. Sale will be open until midnight (WA time) 28 September 2013. I am sure some of you will understand my using that particular word! (Not available on Gift Vouchers)





Posted below are some new colours that have come out in the last month

Pink ChampagnePink Champagne                  Riders On The StormRiders On The Storm


Light My Fire Fire Bomb            Pretty In PinkRe-worked Pretty In Pink

All of these fabrics are now available in the Hand Dyed Fabric section of the shop.


September Monthly Melodies


Hand Dyed Fabrics 006 Option 1(This is a blend of light blue under dark blue) Hand Dyed Fabrics 016Option 2 ( this is a blend of pink purple and Navy blue)


Due to the sale mentioned above, there will be no other special offers this month. But please remember to subscribe to this blog, as every time I update this you will receive an email direct to your inbox (just like the newsletter) to let you know of any special offers!


I hope you like the new site, it will be much easier to navigate, and easier for me to update! You guys can participate in the conversation each month by replying to each blog. I cant wait to hear what you have to say. I think this will be fun!


Happy Shopping


4 thoughts on “Welcome To The New Site

  1. Site looks awesome Tammy! Can’t wait to start shopping!

  2. ~ Fabulous darl ! It’s a great site, easy to navigate & looks wonderful

    Well done you !


  3. Looks great Tammy! Glad to see all that hard work is paying off ☺

  4. Looks Marrrvles Darling!! Very user friendly & love the idea of the blog to keep updated. You’ve done good, Girl!
    Now I’m off to shop ala “Slashed” , LOL

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